Nails, Food and my Mom :D

So yesterday was a FUN day. I got my nails painted by my two amazing teachers Ms. Schenck and Ms. Dunzelman. In my school they had organized a nail party for NICE people only ( haha) because they always have awesome nails and we envy them for that. So anyone who was interested in getting their nails done went to the nail party. It was full of teachers and students of all grades. Even some male teachers joined the party, as well as our principle haha :D. One of the teachers had her fun with a student. She had never done nail art before but she decided to try to paint the Batman logo on this boys thumb. Honestly to me it came out awesome!

Heres are some pictures of the nails yesterday:

The first picture is the batman nail !
Then we have my global teachers nails. On the left is Ms. Edwards and the right is Mr. Mears 😀
The bottom two pictures are my nail done by Ms. Schenck and Ms.Dunzleman.

If you want to check out more nails visit my teachers blog! (Ms. Schenck’s blog)

AFTERWARDS, my friend Cathy took me to 7eleven and bought me food! She bought 2 taquitos of Monterrey Jack Chicken and bought herself 4 mini beef tacos. I was able to snap some pictures :7eleven collage

Okay so this is where the “my mom” comes in to the post:

Yesterday,May 10th, is considered Mothers day in Mexico and in case you havent figured out by my previous post I’m Mexican. So my dad and I bought my mom some beautiful flowers ! rose collage

To surprise her we took her out to eat at this restaurant in 5th avenue. If you are anywhere near 47th and 5th avenue you must eat here ! I recommend it, their food is amazing!DSCN2277

I wont lie, they did take a while to bring us our food but that meant more family time for us. We joked and laughed, told stories, overall it was a good time. THEN the moment came. THE FOOD HAD ARRIVED! I had ordered a Chuleta Asada con arroz y frijoles ( Grilled Porkchop with rice and beans), my sister ordered  Tacos, my mom had ordered Fajitas de pollo y res ( Chicken and beef Fajitas) and lastly my dad had ordered Carne Asada con arroz y frijoles( Grilled Steak with rice and beans)

Heres a quick picture of our food, YUM ! 😀

food collage

And finally to finish the day I treated myself to an Ice cream ( because no one else in my family wanted even though I offered to buy them ). It was an ice cream from the Ice cream trucks. It tasted like EVERYTHING! It was a Chocolate cone with chocolate sprinkles. 😀 😀 ❤ I took a bite and almost forgot to take a picture here it is. DSCN2302

Hope I made you guys hungry! 😀

“Go out and eat!”

Another FUN Trip to Manhattan!

 Yesterday, May 9th, my intensive and I went on a trip to Manhattan. We visited Tumblr Headquarters! AWESOME! This day couldn’t have come quicker, I used Tumblr a lot ! I mean who doesn’t. Going over there was so much fun, they had dogs! I shall be working over at Tumblr in the next 6 years(hopefully).

Anyways here are some pictures that I took while we were over there 😀


This is the front desk you see when you enter the Tumblr office :D. Awesome desk.


This picture is blurry but i found it so cute that they had it hanging on their wall. Especially the fact that I am a cat lover. The picture says Four Paws are Better Than One. This shows how close the Tumblr employees are with one another.


This is the light logo they have in their hallway. I wish I had one of these hanging in my house.


They gave us these Tumblr stickers when we entered, how nice (: They also gave us stickers put I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of them. 😦

Obviously on our “Adventure” in Manhattan I had to take pictures of something that relates to my blog. I, being the forgetful person I am, forgot to take a picture if my hotdog :(. But I took pictures of the Hot dog stands. By the Way if you guys want some delicious hot dogs, pretzels or nuts Manhattan is the place to be in! Don’t forget to bring money though ! Otherwise have fun 😀 DSCN2175DSCN2176

Farm to Fork

This week in my school is a week of Intensives. Basically we have none of our regular classes for a whole week, twice a year, and we are placed in learning about one thing the whole week. As for example I was placed in a Blogging Intensive, that’s why I created this blog! There were other intensives such as “Women Warriors” where girls are learning about their body, self-defense and relationships, also “Knit and Crochet for Change” where students are taught to knit or crochet scarfs and donating them to a charity, and many more. But the only one that will make sense for me to blog about is the intensive called “Farm to Fork” (hence the title). This is a week long intensive where they learn where their food comes from and get to visit a garden. They realized how efficient it is to have your own garden because it saves more money and you’ll have the vegetables or fruits available.

I was able to go visit them today, take some pictures, talk to the students and see what they were making. I felt like a paparazzi 😀

Some dishes they were making were Potato Pancakes, Vegetable Dumplings, Mini Lasagna and last but not least Empanadas. I was able to get pictures of all the students because they are “camera shy”. Here’s a few.


Lasagna F2F

The Lasagna mix, includes onions, mushrooms, spinach, tomato sauce, pepper and other condiments.


Prepping the wonton wrappers to make the Mini Lasagnas.


“I like cooking because I like experimenting with different ingredients” ~Israel Dones


“I like cooking because I love food and I love the different flavors 😀 ” ~ Kanisha Wise


                                                                               VEGETABLE DUMPLINGS!

Vegetable Dumplings

Students prepping to make the Vegetable Dumplings.


Potato panckaes and empanadas

Students makes the mix for the potato pancakes and empanadas.

DSCN2230 DSCN2229 DSCN2207

 I was told by some students that they had fun in this intensive and some were even thinking of being chefs! That is so awesome to hear!! Sadly enough I wasn’t able to taste any food but it smelled amazing!! 😀

Nom Nom Nom…

FOOD. Who doesn’t love food? Yesterday was one of my most marvelous days ever, even though I felt like I was going to explode. My mom and I dominated the kitchen. We made hamburgers, Chicken cutlet sandwiches, a Mexican dish called “Pipian verde” with black beans and green rice (I know what you’re thinking ‘eww green rice’ but NO it’s delicious trust me). To top it off we made JELL-O!!

Pipian verde is a Mexican dish. This dish includes green tomato, green pepper, sesame seeds, onions, garlic,and a Mexican pepperleaf. Combine these together at a right temperature and you make this delicious plate. If you want the recipe don’t hesitate to ask. Here is a picture of the Pipian verde with green rice and black beans.


Green rice is sort of similar to white rice but it has a kick of green pepper which adds more flavor to it and my god makes a hell of a dish.

This is a chicken cutlet sandwich. Or as we say in Spanish “Torta de Milanesa de Pollo”. In case you don’t know, a chicken cutlet is a slice of chicken that has been breaded and then fried. In this case then put in a sandwich with mashed beans, cheese, avocado and mayo. ( Of course bread.) This is easy to make and very

We also made Cheeseburgers! If you look at my previous post you shall see a picture of my magnificent cheeseburger. Yum! Here are some pictures of the hamburgers and the french fries on the pan 😀 .


To finish it off we made Jell-o, lime and grape



Hope this made you hungry and inspires you want to make some food ^.^ have funn !! 😀

All these Little Things…

Daily Prompt

One Little thing that defines my world is my love cheeseburgers <3. Not just an ordinary cheeseburger that you can buy at the store, but my moms cheeseburgers. This may sound corny but it’s like heaven!

She makes it with love and an ordinary cheeseburger just taste ehhh. Also the fact that I help her make them it makes me proud. You might say that the reason I love cheeseburgers is because its food, but besides that its because I helped make it.

Have you ever done something or made food and afterwards you were happy whatever the outcome was because you made it. You were proud of yourself and if someone else were to make it it wouldn’t taste as good and you’ll just be like ehh. Yup that’s how i feel every time i eat a homemade cheeseburger.

Here is a quick picture of my cheeseburger 😀 Yum. photoI bet this is your face right about now.

Being Introduced to the wonderful world of Food

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

One experience that really changed my life was the day I was told what ‘cooking and baking’ is. That day was the day I knew what I wanted to do in my life. I was only 9. My mom had told me that one day, when I grew up I would have a family of my own and I had to learn how to cook. She told me that cooking and baking takes patience and creativity. I had a passion for art so I knew this was going to be a piece of cake. [ Get it (; ] I made cakes, cupcakes and of course FOOODD. Such as Rice, beans, pasta. Of course my mom helped me the majority of the time while I just stared at her and obviously took all the credit for it. I mean come on I was only 9. As the years past by my love for food grew and GREW. ‘Till this day I bake and cook. ( Mostly Bake ) Everything I bake or cook I always give credit to the woman that taught me what I know, My Mom :D. If it wasn’t for her I think I would be a regular teen sitting behind a computer screen complaining about everything in the world. This changed my life because it has taught me that not only does drawing and actions show creativity but also FOOD can show creativity and a different side of me. That day/experience is also what made me want to create this blog on food. I want to share some of my favorite recipes and foods. As well as the different types of food that people should go and try.

Musical Talent in Central Park

Beautiful weather, beautiful park, and such amazing musical talent. Strolling down the park with my two friends, Cathy and Esmeralda, I found 2 talented musicians. 


 This one man was playing some joyful music with his saxophone. His talent made me want to get up and bust some moves (moves that I obviously don’t have).

DSCN2073 DSCN2075

This other talented man was playing this Chinese violin.

It’s called an “Er Hu“.  Although its weird name it has a beautiful and soothing tone to it. This man was so kind he actually offered some tourist to play the Er Hu and even taught them how too. How sweet ^.^