Maria Full Of Grace Review

In our Latin American Literature class we watched a foreign independent film called ” Maria full of Grace” This movie was about a young 17 Colombian girl who works hard for her family in  a flower factory but ends up quitting her job because of the poor treatment from her boss. Being the money maker in the family to support her mom, her sister and her nephew this wasnt a good choice for Maria. Immediately she had to go out to look for a job, but since jobs were hard to find any job was the answer. Maria decided to take a G.N.O with her best bud Blanca where she met a guy who told her where they were hiring. After meeting  with the supervisor she accepted the job and started working from there on out. Dont want to give anything away so I’ll leave that part up to you guys.

This movie to me was pretty good and intriguing. Although some parts were pretty predictable the characters really brought life into their roles and the way they acted out made it an overall good movie. There were times were I did the typical “bruh” and wanted to knock things on the floor because I was so upset or made that they did or didn’t do anything. This was really an overall rollercoaster of reactions for me. Although the ending was not my favorite part of the movie but it honestly was the most realest thing I’ve ever seen. I would recommend this movie to my friends because its so interesting and I believe that the topic about drugs and teenagers will really intrigue them.

This movie taught me much about the Latin Amercian Culture. It taught me that many people make so many sacrifices just to make money for their family even if it means leaving to a far away country. It taught me that people will literally do anything, Even if it includes dying along the way. As sad as it may be to watch the movie its even sadder to realize that this stuff ACTUALLY happens in real life and its things people really do face daily. I applaud them and send them all my love and support. Yes I know Im cheesy.