Latin American Literature

Last week in my Latin American Literature class we watched a movie called The Devil’s Miner, listened to a song called Preparame La Cena, saw paintings by Debora Arango and read a poem by Lilian Viacava. Focusing on the song by Calle 13 and the paintings by Debora Arango a reoccurring theme was child exploitation.

In the music video “Preparame La Cena” by Calle 13 – that can be watched here;–  had many scenes happening but the main theme was child exploitation and gaining money. The video consist of many little kids putting their lives in danger by taking jobs as miners, selling themselves to gain money, and doing it all for their family. The video also shows different aged people, this goes to show that once you enter the job you never end up leaving. You stay working for them until you die or get injured and cant work no more. Its upsetting to see kids at such a young age to have to wokr to support their family even if it mean selling themselves short.

Similarly in the paintings by Debora Arango you see a woman exploiting herself to two men, possibly doing it for money. It is said to say that the women is selling herself but deep inside she is has the heart of an innocent girl who has done nothing besides surviving in the world even if it meant not doing the right things. Child exploitation and human trafficking is a real and serious issue and at the same time its pretty scary because it can happen to anyone and be their only escape to a “better life”

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