“Machuca”/ “La Historia Oficial” Review

Write a review of the movie. Did you think it was a good choice to have kids as the main characters in a movie about political  history? Why or why not?

The movie Machuca consisted of 3 main kids. Pedro Machuca, Gonzalo and Silvana who lived in Chile, During this time there was a rivalry between the Communist and Capitalist parties  and basically social classes. Machuca is poor underprivileged kid who attends a rich kid school and gets bullied for being poor. Gonzalo becomes friends with him and defends him but along with being his friend he see all the struggles that Machuca goes through such as selling flags with his cousin, Silvana, and uncle to get money for their family. In a sense I think it was a good choice to have kids play the main characters in the movie because it shows how they struggle as well such as the schools and how after this whole rivalry their education becomes different and their way of teaching changes. On the other hand it would have made more sense to cast adults as the main roles because then we would have gotten a little bit more of the feeling of how Communism and Capitalism was affecting them because they actually understand more of whats going on.

What did you learn about Chile’s political history while watching this film? How does the film compare to other events you have learned about in history?

One thing I learned about Chile’s political history is that they don’t really care about the peoples opinions, they only care about their social class. If they are for the opponent side they will do everything to eliminate them or torture them but if not they will let them walk free. Also that education is also a factor in it because its a place where they can start manipulating young kids minds into thinking about what the right thing to do. The plot in the movie was when the kids got into a fight and then that’s when the parents got involved because that was between a ‘poor’ and a ‘rich’ kid. They believed that the didn’t belong there and had to leave, so when they protested they were even more passionate about it.  This film compares to other events in history because its people protesting and fighting for one party, communism or capitalism. I guess you can say its sort of like the Vietnam War because that was a fight to prevent the spread of Communism, and keep all Southeastern Asian countries capitalist. Many people protested and many people/kids died and suffered a lot because of what they believed in.

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