Aguantando/ Bajo La Misma Luna

In the Chapter “Aguantando” from Drown by Junot Diaz, it focuses on two kids who live in Santo Domingo with their mother. They were told by their mother that their father wrote letter claiming he will return for them. They soon end up losing hope that their father wasn’t coming home. They received a letter from their father saying that he will return for them but the day he finally came home Yunior didn’t recognize him. Leaving and not coming back for long periods of time causes loss in communications between family relations. Yunior grew up without  dad so he didnt get the knowledge that any father would give their son, he never understood the relationship between his father and mother. When his father finally came Yunior was so distant from him because he’s never seen his father for the past nine years, or doesn’t have any memory of him in his first 4 years. He knew that that was his father because of the resemblance but there was no connection between them until he finally said Yuniors name.

The movie Bajo La Misma Luna is about a young boy named Carlitos who lives with his grandparents in Mexico while his mother, Rosario,has been in Los Angeles for the past 4 years, working two jobs to gain money to provide for him. Carlitos has a mini job by helping out Doña Carmen in translating for clients that want to cross the border and get jobs in the United States. One day Carlitos grandma passes away and in fear that his “uncle” was going to take him away he fled in search for his mother. Many things went wrong in heading to Los Angeles, he met this guy who helped him out in looking for his mother called Enrique. Rosario thought it was best for her to get married to one of her close friends so they can bring Carlitos to L.A  When Rosario immigrated to the United States, she was hoping to raise money so she can give Carlitos everything he wanted and in hopes that one day she would be able to get Carlitos to Los Angeles. I think this movie was a better way to show what kids go through when their parents leave to the “other side” because it showed all the struggles they face. Whether if it was the death of a grandparent, not having any other family to stay with, being looked down by other kids because they have a lot of new things and they live in a poor community. It shows how the kid was feeling because the mom decided to leave for 4 years and how Carlitos thought it was all his fault and that nobody loves him. It demonstrates how he grows up because he doesn’t have a father and his mother left and how he manages to take matters into his own hands and do everything possible to cross the border to be with his mother, and get that happy ending hes been wanting for 4 years.

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