Blog Post 7

Who is your favorite (visual) artist? What art medium does this person create (paintings, sculptures, sketches, photography etc.)? Is their art more abstract or concrete? Modern or classical?
What do you think about Frida Kahlo and/or Diego Rivera and their art? How would you compare it to that of your favorite artist? Feel free to look up more information/use pictures but please site any sources that you use.

My favorite visual artist will have to be Vincent Van Gogh. Van Gogh is a Post-Impressionist and he creates a lot of paintings. He is famous and mainly known for his painting Starry Night.  I would say that his work is pretty concrete because being abstract would mean you wouldn’t understand what his work is at first glance. His work has significant meaning behind it and is pretty straight forward, he does a lot of still life and portraits. His work would be considered classical because since he is mainly focused on post-impressionism, his works tends to be more reflective on the old times and old fashion ways

I like Frida Khalos art because they are almost always about her and as simple as they seem they have a deep meaning behind them. As for her as a person, it makes the work even more amazing because most of these pieces of work she had done when she was in critical condition. I would compare her work to Van Gogh because they are pretty straightforward and have deep messages behind their work.

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