Evita The Musical

Write a review of Evita, the musical. Be sure to hit all of the points below: – What did you learn from the movie? Did you like the story? – Why was Eva Perón such a controversial figure in Argentine history? Why was she loved by some but disliked by others? Did you enjoy the music? Would you have enjoyed the movie better if it were not a musical? Why or why not?

Evita poster.jpgThe movie Evita the musical, was based on the life of a woman by the name of Evita Duarte. She was the most loved person in Argentina because she was the most involved person in her community despite being from a low class family. Which made her even more special. Once she got married to Juan Peron and became the first lady of Argentina is when everything changed. People started seeing her differently and believe that she had betrayed them. This was mainly because they thought she had forgotten about where she came from and now that she had this “fame” in her head she wasn’t going to be the same as before. What I learned from the movie is that no matter what Evita did she still had people that admire her but also social statues is something people are big on and is important to everyone. She was a controversial figure because she got married and became the first lady when all her life she had been helping the poor and came from a lower class. 

If Evita was more of a movie than a musical I think I would have enjoyed this movie, although the songs were good and had a nice meaning to them, it sort of did get annoying. Not being able to hear them talk in full sentences without having them break into a song can be too much for my head.

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