Final Blog Post of the Semester

Which film that we watched over the course of the semester was your favorite? Why? Which was your least favorite? Explain.
What is another movie that you know of that would fit in with this elective curriculum? Give a brief summary of it an link to where I can read about it.

A film that we watched over the course of this semester that was personally my favorite had to be A Real Women has Curves  and the movie Maria Full of Grace. These two were personally my favorite because I feel that a lot of people can relate to A real Women has Curves due to the fact that its about a teenage girl and her struggle in her family and the college process and its all pretty relatable to us teens. The second movie was also one of my favorite film because it involved one topic that was pretty interesting to learn about. This movie was about trafficking drugs by ingesting them into your body and travel from one place to another. You typically always hear that women are always struggling due to low economy, especially if they are young and pregnant, so coming to the United States for a better life for her child and seeing her go through that process was pretty entertaining.

Another movie that would be a good one to show for this elective curriculum would be the movie called, “Voces Inocentes” or Innocent Voices in English. This movie takes place during the Salvadorian Civil War and focuses on one kid called Chava and his journey with his family. The main struggle that he and is family has is, his father took off to the United States and is sort of helping them financially but his mother struggles to find a job that will support her three children. But Chava’s main concern is trying to not get recruited by the guerilla because all they want in little boys to help fight in the war during this time.

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