Which Way Home

Write a review of the documentary, Which Way Home. How did this movie make your feel? Did you think it was a better portrayal of what kids have to go through when they immigrate illegally than Under the Same Moon? Why or why not?

If you put in all that work and risked your life to make it to the US and instead got caught and deported, would you try to make the journey all over again? Why or why not?

In the documentary Which Way Home focused on the struggles of child immigrants. These children are on their journey to come to the United States from Mexico. The movie bases on the lives of many little kids who are in search for their parents. These kids are either 9 -17 years old and they are faced with the struggle of having to grow up without their parents or having to take on many responsibilities to fill the shoes of their parents. The main reason they leave to the United States is to find a better life away from home, they not alone have struggles with family but with themselves, being away and being on your own causes one to go into a depression or causes one to do  crazy things such as addictions. In a sense I think this was a better portrayal of what kids go through when they immigrate than Under The Same Moon, because you are seeing how it affects many people from different ages. This is a better representation because you see many different points of views and how people struggle with one another and sometimes people might think that the other movie is all just made up because its a movie, and don’t take into consideration of what is actually going on.

Coming from a family that has given up a lot to come here and seeing all the hard work they put to have a better life than they had in Mexico, I think that if I were to face all that they faced and then end up being deported back I will make the journey back and risk it all. I would do this because I know that I can have a better life and a better chance at my future back here in the United States. I would still have everything that I fought so hard to gain and will make wiser choices now, than I did before. The times are rough here when passing the border but I know that I will be smart because I have done this before and will only be looking forward to the future that I will continue to have here.

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