Nails, Food and my Mom :D

So yesterday was a FUN day. I got my nails painted by my two amazing teachers Ms. Schenck and Ms. Dunzelman. In my school they had organized a nail party for NICE people only ( haha) because they always have awesome nails and we envy them for that. So anyone who was interested in getting their nails done went to the nail party. It was full of teachers and students of all grades. Even some male teachers joined the party, as well as our principle haha :D. One of the teachers had her fun with a student. She had never done nail art before but she decided to try to paint the Batman logo on this boys thumb. Honestly to me it came out awesome!

Heres are some pictures of the nails yesterday:

The first picture is the batman nail !
Then we have my global teachers nails. On the left is Ms. Edwards and the right is Mr. Mears 😀
The bottom two pictures are my nail done by Ms. Schenck and Ms.Dunzleman.

If you want to check out more nails visit my teachers blog! (Ms. Schenck’s blog)

AFTERWARDS, my friend Cathy took me to 7eleven and bought me food! She bought 2 taquitos of Monterrey Jack Chicken and bought herself 4 mini beef tacos. I was able to snap some pictures :7eleven collage

Okay so this is where the “my mom” comes in to the post:

Yesterday,May 10th, is considered Mothers day in Mexico and in case you havent figured out by my previous post I’m Mexican. So my dad and I bought my mom some beautiful flowers ! rose collage

To surprise her we took her out to eat at this restaurant in 5th avenue. If you are anywhere near 47th and 5th avenue you must eat here ! I recommend it, their food is amazing!DSCN2277

I wont lie, they did take a while to bring us our food but that meant more family time for us. We joked and laughed, told stories, overall it was a good time. THEN the moment came. THE FOOD HAD ARRIVED! I had ordered a Chuleta Asada con arroz y frijoles ( Grilled Porkchop with rice and beans), my sister ordered  Tacos, my mom had ordered Fajitas de pollo y res ( Chicken and beef Fajitas) and lastly my dad had ordered Carne Asada con arroz y frijoles( Grilled Steak with rice and beans)

Heres a quick picture of our food, YUM ! 😀

food collage

And finally to finish the day I treated myself to an Ice cream ( because no one else in my family wanted even though I offered to buy them ). It was an ice cream from the Ice cream trucks. It tasted like EVERYTHING! It was a Chocolate cone with chocolate sprinkles. 😀 😀 ❤ I took a bite and almost forgot to take a picture here it is. DSCN2302

Hope I made you guys hungry! 😀

“Go out and eat!”

Being Introduced to the wonderful world of Food

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

One experience that really changed my life was the day I was told what ‘cooking and baking’ is. That day was the day I knew what I wanted to do in my life. I was only 9. My mom had told me that one day, when I grew up I would have a family of my own and I had to learn how to cook. She told me that cooking and baking takes patience and creativity. I had a passion for art so I knew this was going to be a piece of cake. [ Get it (; ] I made cakes, cupcakes and of course FOOODD. Such as Rice, beans, pasta. Of course my mom helped me the majority of the time while I just stared at her and obviously took all the credit for it. I mean come on I was only 9. As the years past by my love for food grew and GREW. ‘Till this day I bake and cook. ( Mostly Bake ) Everything I bake or cook I always give credit to the woman that taught me what I know, My Mom :D. If it wasn’t for her I think I would be a regular teen sitting behind a computer screen complaining about everything in the world. This changed my life because it has taught me that not only does drawing and actions show creativity but also FOOD can show creativity and a different side of me. That day/experience is also what made me want to create this blog on food. I want to share some of my favorite recipes and foods. As well as the different types of food that people should go and try.