Another FUN Trip to Manhattan!

 Yesterday, May 9th, my intensive and I went on a trip to Manhattan. We visited Tumblr Headquarters! AWESOME! This day couldn’t have come quicker, I used Tumblr a lot ! I mean who doesn’t. Going over there was so much fun, they had dogs! I shall be working over at Tumblr in the next 6 years(hopefully).

Anyways here are some pictures that I took while we were over there 😀


This is the front desk you see when you enter the Tumblr office :D. Awesome desk.


This picture is blurry but i found it so cute that they had it hanging on their wall. Especially the fact that I am a cat lover. The picture says Four Paws are Better Than One. This shows how close the Tumblr employees are with one another.


This is the light logo they have in their hallway. I wish I had one of these hanging in my house.


They gave us these Tumblr stickers when we entered, how nice (: They also gave us stickers put I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of them. 😦

Obviously on our “Adventure” in Manhattan I had to take pictures of something that relates to my blog. I, being the forgetful person I am, forgot to take a picture if my hotdog :(. But I took pictures of the Hot dog stands. By the Way if you guys want some delicious hot dogs, pretzels or nuts Manhattan is the place to be in! Don’t forget to bring money though ! Otherwise have fun 😀 DSCN2175DSCN2176

Musical Talent in Central Park

Beautiful weather, beautiful park, and such amazing musical talent. Strolling down the park with my two friends, Cathy and Esmeralda, I found 2 talented musicians. 


 This one man was playing some joyful music with his saxophone. His talent made me want to get up and bust some moves (moves that I obviously don’t have).

DSCN2073 DSCN2075

This other talented man was playing this Chinese violin.

It’s called an “Er Hu“.  Although its weird name it has a beautiful and soothing tone to it. This man was so kind he actually offered some tourist to play the Er Hu and even taught them how too. How sweet ^.^